Finding The Unique Cake Toppers for Your Weddings

These days, it has become a trend for couples to get unique cake toppers for weddings. There is something fun and quirky about including something personalized on a wedding cake. It just makes the ceremony extra personal and special. It is also a great way to figure out what the couple’s interests are, or possibly, how they met. These unique cake toppers for weddings tell the couple’s story in a nutshell. Guests will definitely enjoy catching a glimpse of these toppers, as it is both interesting and entertaining. Now that more couples are doing it, and including it in their wedding cake, you can look forward to seeing the wedding cake and see what fun designs the couple came up with.

Beach Themed Cake Toppers

Beachy Cake Toppers
Beachy cake toppers are probably one of the more common designs for cake toppers for weddings. However, even if the theme is common, they can quite unique and meaningful for the couple. This particular cake topper shows a Navy Chief kissing his bride passionately. They are standing atop a mini island, with a palm tree behind them, and the waves lapping at the bride’s gown. The Navy Chief looks dashing in his uniform. He sweeps his bride off her feet, figuratively. It’s cute and sweet, it’s something that would make the bride swoon, and the guests smile with a tear in their eyes.

Cool Skiing-Themed Cake Topper

Couple Skiing Cake Topper
If you are a couple who loves skiing together, this couple skiing cake topper will be just the thing for you and your better half. It shows the lovely couple standing atop a patch of snow. They are in their skiing gear – the groom wearing a bright yellow skiing jacket and black pants. The girl wears a black jacket, with bright blue pants. Her blonde hair is in a side braid. Both have their skis in hands. In between them is their dog – an adorable black and brown canine. All the elements in this topper reflect the couple’s shared interests. It also represents the things that they value in their relationship as well.

A Smash Hit of a Volleyball Themed Cake Topper

Volleyball Cake Toppers
If you were told that you would be attending a wedding with a volleyball theme for the cake topper, you would feel extremely curious, right? Well, these volleyball wedding cake toppers will satisfy your curiosity. Even if the theme is sporty, it also feels very romantic in its own way. Of course, it helps that in this particular figure, the volleyball players – the bride and groom – are in their wedding attire. They are standing in front of a volleyball net and the groom is ready to set up a ball for the bride to give a spike. The bride is wearing a lovely wedding gown with a ruffled skirt, and her groom is wearing a dashing suit.

A Match Made in Crocs Heaven

Bride and Groom in Royal Blue Jersey and Crocs Cake Toppers
This bride and groom in crocs cake toppers can be perceived as tongue in cheek, or it could be geeky in a cute and romantic way. This cake topper shows the bride and groom in matchy-matchy clothes. They wear matching blue jerseys, blue jeans, and crocs, of course! They are holding hands, and standing atop a football field. Their jersey numbers reflect the date of their wedding. It’s a unique way to show the togetherness of a couple. It accurately shows the personality and interests of the couple and their family and friends will definitely appreciate the references to their hobbies and their interests.

A Wooden Heart Kind of Love

Couple Standing on a Wooden Heart with Carved Initials
These wooden heart cake toppers are one of the more unique designs for cake toppers for weddings. This one features the bride and groom in their wedding attire. The bride is wearing a beautiful white gown, her hair flowing behind her. The groom is wearing a dark-colored suit. Traditional, right? Nope, the groom has a chainsaw in his hand. Don’t worry. This is not some kind of psychotic cake topper. In fact, the groom is a lumberjack and the couple is standing atop a section of wood that is heart-shaped. It’s a sweet take on carving one’s initials on the bark of a tree.

Kickball Love

Soccer-Baseball Wedding Cake Toppers
These cake toppers for weddings are very interesting because they show a couple playing balls. Kickball wedding cake toppers are fun because the design is very dynamic and fun. In this one, both the bride and groom are wearing a soccer uniform – grey shirts and navy shorts. Printed on their shirts is the logo for the soccer league. Between them is a red ball, and the bride and groom are running towards the ball in a position that shows that they will be ready to kick the ball. It’s such a fun design because the motion is perfectly captured. The bride and groom most likely met during a kickball game so this is very meaningful for them.

Cake Toppers with a Mascot

Duke Blue Devils Basketball Wedding Cake Toppers
It’s very rare to see more than two people on a wedding cake topper. For these Duke Blue Devils basketball wedding cake toppers, the couple opted to include a third individual – the Blue Devils mascot. It is quite funny to see the bride and groom, looking dapper and formal in their wedding attire, while sandwiched between them is the Duke mascot. To complete the basketball theme, they are all standing atop a base that looks like a basketball court. The bride looks lovely in her white wedding gown, her hair flows in beautiful curls. Her groom is handsome in his well-tailored suit. They both smile happily beside the Duke mascot, and it is funny and adorable at the same time.

Pet Love

Bride and Groom Cake Topper with Pet Boxer
It is a tried and tested strategy – adding a pet, any pet will make any cake topper design one thousand times more adorable. This Bride and Groom cake topper with pet boxer is no exception. Surely, the bride and groom did not include their pet in the design to just be adorable. They want to show everyone that their pet dog is important for them and is a big part of their relationship. It definitely brings out tender feelings from those who see this cake topper. Not only are you happy for the couple, you are also happy that this dog is loved so unconditionally by his owner.

A 3D Family Photo

Firefighter Cake Topper with Sitting Girl Legs Dangling off of Side of Cake
These Sitting Girl Dangling Legs Cake Toppers are not just your ordinary cake toppers. In fact, you could say that this is a 3D snapshot of a happy family. The cake topper design shows a bride and groom in a typical “bride carried over the threshold” position. The bride is being carried by her groom, who is in a firefighter’s uniform. What makes this extra unique is that a little girl is seated in front of them, her foot dangling from the base of the figure. It’s sweet that the couple included their daughter in their cake topper. It’s a great way to show their family, and it will definitely look great for display in their home.

Two Sports Buffs Get Together

Cardinals and Yankees Cake Toppers
These Cardinals and Yankees Cake toppers can be deemed a fairy tale marriage of two baseball fans. Though the bride and groom are obviously rooting for different teams, it is quite amusing to see both them being so passionate about sports. The bride is wearing the Yankees hat, while the groom is wearing the Cardinals hat. The groom is carrying the bride, who is in her lovely wedding gown. She is holding a bouquet of red roses, while holding a bat in her right hand. It’s cute and quirky, and it is quite obvious that both bride and groom enjoy their sports together.

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